Stuck at level 2, quest won't complete

  • Currently, myself, and many others I've run into on Grey Fog Street are trapped at level two, as quest credit for completing the battle for the Dangerous Streets quest has not been granted. WE're standing in the middle of the city with Glen right there, and the quest is asking us to retrieve the Blue Fog Street Bulwark, which, is impossible, as it dosn't exist. There is no quest direction, nothing to do, we can't even abandon the quest (The game prevents you from doing so). So we're stuck here, can't play the game, and I'm not going to delete my character, as I've already claimed my Hero Package items on said character. I've submitted a ticket, and they said they'd reset my quest, but they actually hadn't. So now I"m coming to the forums in the hope that someone has a solution, or that this gets more attention and a fix can be implemented.

    Having a game-breaking bug this early in is a massive problem, as it stops new players from being able to play more than 20 minutes of content. Been waiting three days for a fix.

  • There is no indication at all on where I should go. Days before, I tried the game on a friend's account that he played via the Gameforge client, and I was able to progress through that stage, as credit was awarded immediatly after the battle. There's no indication on the minimap where I'm supposed to go. If it was changed, or if I remember it incorrectly, and I"m supposed to interact with something outside the battle, the game does NOT indicate, at all, what i'm supposed to do.

  • I purchased the game through steam, so the gameforge client repair isn't a thing I can do. However, thanks to your suggestion, I did try to Verify my Game Files on steam, which didn't work, and I also completly re-installed the game, which also didn't work. It isn't anything to do with my installation, it is a bug in the game itself that is holding not only myself back, but many other players. And it's getting more and more frustrating as time goes on that I can't play the game. It's upsetting that the company can't do anything about this, and it seems like it'd be a relatively easy thing to fix. But even if it isn't easy, it's a top priority bug. Not allowing new players to even PLAY YOUR GAME is a MASSIVE problem. It needs to be addressed asap.

  • ScreenShot_679042_2019_11_21_22_30_7.jpgAs you can see in the screenshot here, there is a checkmark in the log, but no directional tracker. There is nowhere for me to navigate to, and I cannot turn the quest in to glen.ScreenShot_679042_2019_11_22_15_35_45.jpg

    However, as of the writing of this message here, the GM's have come back to work after the weekend, and reset my quest to the Through the Fog quest, and after another ticket, they then teleported me to Accolade so Ic ould actually complete the quest they reset me to. I've now been able to turn in Dangerous Streets. So hopefully ythe bug has been fixed, as it's very, very tedious to put in a bug report ticket for every player that gets stuck here. I truly hope a fix has been implemented, so other players don't have to wait a weekend to resume playing this game.

  • Okay, I created two characters; one on the live server, the other one on the test server.

    But with both characters I had no problems. Did you experience a disconnection during the "dungeon"?

    So, the story is the character is going with Thompson the path down and the see the fight there. Of couse they will help the village people.

    The quest is about this fight. After the fight the character will port to Mist Field and the quest is done.

    The problem is once the character have been teleported to the village, there is no return.

    In order to finish the quest the character have to port back to Forest of Fog (kobolds) at least.

    Therefore ... yes, you can't okay futher even if the game support resetted the quest.

    I don't know if the support can teleport you back. Maybe you can ask?

  • I didn't disconnect during the battle in any way. PLayed it through just fine, and much like you described, I was in Mist Field without having completed the quest. As of earlier today, the GM's had teleported me back to Accolade, and put me on the quest immediatly before Dangerous Streets. This time, however, I WAS granted quest completion. The GM's CAN AND WILL Teleport and reset your quest if this bug occurs. Just try to get it in earlier in the week. GM's don't work on Weekends, it seems, and they live on an EU time zone, so even if you throw in the ticket on a Thursday Night in the US, they might not get back to you until Monday. I hope there's been a fix for this issue since then, but at least the GM's are able to help if they know what's going on.

  • I am also stuck for that quest as well on Grey Fog Street a few people are having issue with that threw steam. I think since I encounter a few other that also play threw there. Since I was stuck at that quest I have been just roaming around killing random mob to level up. :D